DC Solar Pumping System

DC Solar Pumping System
DC Solar Pumping System

Power Range: 300 - 1500W

Advanced Function: Support remote monitoring

Applications: Suitable for medium and small size pumping systems, such as water supply for livestocks, small water treatment system, garden irrigation and house water supply. 


HISOLAR solar pumping system, using the infinite energy from the sun, provides a renewable energy solution based on cost-effectiveness advantages.

It can be quickly constructed, without power infrastructure and energy storage battery device.

The system operates automatically and intelligently, reducing the cost of manual management and maintenance.

The permanent magnet solar pumping inverter controls and adjusts the system operation and apply the power produced by the solar array to drive the pump, it adjusts the output frequency in real-time according to the solar radiation to implement the maximum power point tracking (MPPT). 

The pump, driven by brushless DC motor, can draw water from deep wells or river, lake to fill into the storage tank or reservoir, or directly connect to irrigation system, fountain system, etc.

Parallel Connection Sketch

Series Connection Sketch