AC Solar Pump

AC Solar Pump
AC Solar Pump

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Brief Introduction:

AC Solar Pump consists of a solar pumping inverter and an AC pump. Solar pumping inverter drives the pump by converting DC power produced by solar array into AC power and adopts dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm to adjust output frequency according to solar radiation in real time. It has high reliability and an up to 98% conversion efficiency. The maximum water head of AC Solar Pumps can reach 400m and daily water supply is up 3 to 3000m³.

Power Range: 0.75-75KW

Water Head:  10-400M

Water Flow:  10 – 1400 m³/day

Available Series:

  1. Hybrid Series: With solar priority , Built Remote Monitor Module,

Max Head:250M(Flow:1100 m³/day)

  1. Pure Solar Series:No Need Battery, Max Head: 400M(1400m³/day)
  2. AC Solar Surface Pumps


All kinds of AC pumps can be used in the solar pumping system. The application of solar pump is wide, such as farm irrigation, forest fire prevention, water supply of house and livestockwater treatment,fountain,swimming pool and desertification.


●Easy to install and use without manual debugging

●Full protections and high reliability

●Intake and use water without requirements of grid power or water channel

●System optimization and selection technology: Provide the best water supply efficiency plan and ensure the comprehensive operating benefits of the system.

●Remote monitoring and intelligent water technology: remote fault diagnosis, convenient after-sales service, intelligent operation and maintenance management.