22Kw 44Kw Charging Station AC Ev Charger

22Kw 44Kw Charging Station AC Ev Charger
AC EV charging station provides AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V AC power supply, and is supplied to an electric vehicle with a vehicle charger.Mainly applicable to the following places Large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations;Various public places with electric car parking spaces, such as urban residential quarters, shopping plazas, and electric power business places;High-speed service area, station terminal and other transportation hub areas.

product name               AC EV Charging Station             
Dimensions (mm)340*240*110480*350*120
4.3 inch touch screen
AC power220Vac+20% ;     50Hz+10%;L+N+PE
Rated current32A
Output Power7KW14KW
working environmentAltitude:. s2000m;  Temperature: -209C-+50*C;
charging methodSwipe card, scan code
Networking method2G, 4G, Wif, applet
Operating modelOfline no biling, ofine bilig, onine blling
Protective functionOvotage, uneoltage. ovrcurent short crut,
surge leakage, elc
Charging portGB/T 20234 2-2015
Charging cable lengthStandard 3.5 meters (optional)
Protection levelIp54
Installation methodWall-mounted or formounted inalalin,
crresponding acesses are required